I read it first and was like “the fuck is she talkin about” and then re-read it and my jaw dropped

Loved this explaination!!!

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Hello, my minions!

So freakin adorable!!

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Barney Lives!!! It&#8217;s my sisterrrrr

Barney Lives!!! It’s my sisterrrrr

I love him! haha




12 Days of Mayhem


gdi i love this guy

this guy is awesome

He always makes me laugh, every single time.

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Good for wives with Unfaithful Husbands or Boyfriends ;) 

Good for wives with Unfaithful Husbands or Boyfriends ;) 

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I really hate Monday’s.

So on top of feeling like absolute shit….. I found out that I have a unit test in MT -_- Can someone put me out of this

Leave a letter and I’ll tell you the answer…

  • A: Age.
  • B: Where I’m from.
  • C: Where I would like to live.
  • D: Favourite food.
  • E: Religion.
  • F: Sexual orientation.
  • G: Single/Taken.
  • H: Favourite book.
  • I: Eyes color.
  • J: Favourite movie.
  • K: Favourite TV show.
  • L: Favourite band/singer.
  • M: My best friend’s name.
  • N: Favorite day of the year.
  • O: Favourite color.
  • P: If I have any pets and name.
  • Q: What I’m listening to right now.
  • R: Last movie I’ve watched.
  • S: What’s my ringtone.
  • T: Favourite male character from a TV show.
  • U: Favourite female character from a TV show.
  • V: What does it means my name.
  • W: Favourite superhero.
  • X: Celebrity crush.
  • Y: My OTP’s from TV shows.
  • Z: My birthday.

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